Derek Dorsett robbed of scoring chance by referee Tim Peel's interference (Video)

Vancouver Canucks right winger Derek Dorsett was robbed of a potential scoring opportunity due to interference from none other than NHL referee Tim Peel during the first period of Friday night's game in Detroit.

Dorsett got ahead of the Red Wings defense to receive the pass on a perfect breakaway scoring chance. However, for some reason, Peel kept himself positioned in the middle of the ice rather than skating to the corner. As a result, not only did Peel's interference slow down Dorsett, allowing Red Wings defender Brendan Smith to catch up and deflect Dorsett's shot away, but Peel was caught in a collision with Smith, forcing a stoppage of play as they both went down in the crease.

WARNING: Video contains some inappropriate language. Turn the volume down if the kids are around.

Dorsett perfectly expressed the feelings of everyone on the ice and everyone else watching towards Peel at that moment: "Get out of the way!"

Of course, Dorsett added an extra adjective that we won't repeat since we're a family-friendly web site, but the course language was understandable given his frustration at that moment.

We understand that sometimes these things happen, but it seems that Peel had ample opportunity to get himself out of harm's way. Why did he stay in the middle of the ice rather than skating towards the boards? SportsNet television broadcasters speculated that Tim Peel might have some explaining to do with his boss about this one.

Video via SportsNetCanada.
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