Hockey player suspended for fighting opponent...inside penalty box (Video)

In minor league hockey news, Colorado Eagles defenseman Michael Sdao has been suspended for three games after fighting an opposing player inside the penalty box. Now there's something you don't see every day

It happened last week in an ECHL game between the Eagles and the visiting Utah Grizzlies. Grizzlies forward Jon Puskar had just been sent to the penalty box for cross-checking, joining teammate Alexandre Carrier, who was already serving a penalty for fighting. With the penalty box door remaining open, Puskar used the opportunity to have a few words with Sdao, who apparently didn't like what Puskar had to say.

Sdao got a few good shots in before being restrained by Carrier until the referees arrived. Sdao was given a five minute major for fighting and a game misconduct (obviously).

Obviously Sdao should have controlled his anger, but how come the penalty box operator left the door open for so long? If he had just closed the door right away, the whole incident could have been prevented.

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