Thiago Alcantara mistakes digital Santa Claus for teammate (Video)

Thiago passes to Santa

Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara made a mistake that he may never live down during Wednesday's Bundesliga soccer match against RB Leipzig when he tried to pass to an animated Santa Claus on a digital advertising board along the sideline.

To be fair, the digital Santa Claus was moving in the same direction as Bayern's offense, and his red suit was a similar color to the Bayern uniform. The moving animation is probably not something Thiago was prepared for, so we could understand how this happened.

In the end, there was no harm done, as Bayern's left forward backtracked to take possession of the ball. However, Bundesliga may want to look into banning movement on digital advertising. Otherwise, this could lead to some serious cheating down the road. Imagine if these advertising boards display more of these moving characters, or flashing colors that could distract the players. That seems like a bad thing.

Video via Bundesliga. H/T Pies.
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