Lias Andersson tosses silver medal into stands at World Juniors (Video)

Lias Andersson took off his silver medal and tossed it into the stands after he led Sweden to a second place finish at the 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship hockey tournament on Friday night.

Canada scored the game winner with 1:40 left in the gold medal game, so Andersson was still feeling some raw emotions during the postgame medal ceremony.

Ironically, the fan who caught the medal just happened to have a Sweden hockey jersey on...buried underneath two other jerseys, including USA. That was convenient.

Whether tossing the medal into the stands was the right thing to do is certainly up for debate, but you can't accuse Andersson for not being passionate enough about the game. Someone did get the medal back to Andersson, but something tells us this won't be displayed proudly in his trophy case.

Andersson was the 2017 first round pick for the New York Rangers, so it should be interesting to watch him play in the NHL in a year or two.

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