German Soccer Game Called After Beer Cup Hits Linesman

Another story that falls in the category of "bad fan behavior".  This one took place near the end of a German soccer match in Berlin.  Details provided by the AP:

The Bundesliga game between St. Pauli and Schalke was called off in the 88th minute Friday after a fan threw a plastic glass full of beer at a linesman.
Schalke was leading 2-0 when Thorsten Schiffner was struck by the beer glass and referee Deniz Aytekin decided to end the game after consulting with his assistant, who fell to the ground but was unhurt.
“We had to call off the game. There was no other choice,” Aytekin said.
He pointed out that coins and lighters had also been thrown at Schiffner, who had to be examined by a doctor.
Youtube has video of this incident, which reminded me of the New York Giants "snowball game" against the San Diego Chargers at the end of the 1995 NFL season, where one of the security guards got knocked out after getting hit with a snowball.  Fortunately this lineman was not seriously hurt, but it provides another example of poor fan behavior at sporting events.

Apparently some fans at home need a gentle reminder:   please don't throw things at the people on the field.

St. Pauli match abandoned after linesman hit with a cup of beer [Dirty Tackle]
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