Video: Jays' Jose Bautista Gets Ejected, Throws Equipment From Dugout Onto Field

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista was ejected by the home plate umpire after expressing some anger in the dugout by slamming his bat against the dugout wall.  After being ejected, Bautista further expressed his anger by throwing his equipment onto the field.

It happened in the bottom of the sixth inning at the Rogers Center as the Blue Jays faced the visiting Tampa Bay Rays.  Bautista was just struck out by Rays pitcher James Shields. 

Watch the video here via Youtube, where you can clearly see (and hear) Bautista banging his bat against the metal wall of the dugout.  However, it's not until the second pitch is thrown to the next Blue Jays batter when home plate umpire Bill Welke looks over at the Blue Jays dugout and suddenly ejects Bautista.  It's unclear what Bautista did that caused the ejection, but it would seem that he said something unkind to Welke regarding his pitch calls.

That's when Bautista continues his tantrum by throwing things onto the field, including a bat and a batting helmet, and a few other loose items he could get his hands on.  Although he didn't seem to be saying too much on the way out of the dugout, Bautista will likely be facing a fine and possible suspensions for his actions.

Incoming!  Angry Jose Bautista slings equipment from dugout [Big League Stew]

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