Air Jordan Shoes Cause Riots at Stores and Malls Nationwide (Video)

The new Nike Air Jordan XI Concord shoes went on sale nationwide this morning.  However, some ugly scenes broke out in several cities nationwide as people fought each other to get into the stores while mall security at several locations had to help bring the frenzy under control.

At Lafayette Square Mall in Indiana, an entrance door to the mall was broken off the hinges as people who had been waiting in line outside pushed their way through the doors. People were pushed onto the ground and trampled while others simply crawled, stepped or jumped over them to get to the stores for a pair of Air Jordans.

We're used to seeing these types of scenes around Black Friday, but never anything like this revolving around the release of a new pair of shoes. Come on, people, they're just shoes.  Is all this really worth it? video via.

Air Jordan Shoes Cause Shopping Riots, Frenzies at Malls [Larry Brown Sports]
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