Devin Setoguchi makes worst NHL shooutout attempt ever (Video)

In Thursday night's NHL game in Montreal, Minnesota forward Devin Setoguchi took the final shootout attempt for the Wild. The Canadiens held a one goal lead in the shootout, so Setoguchi had to make the shot to lock up the tie.

However, to say that Setoguchi did not make the shot would be an understatement, as his shootout attempt may have been the worst in NHL history.

Setoguchi started at center ice with the puck and took it past the blue line, but lost the puck after mishandling it about halfway towards the net. Setoguchi then quickly put the brakes on to turn around to get the puck, but lost an edge and fell down to the ice. Canadiens goalie Carey Price came out of the net to make the "save", clinching the win for Montreal.

Setoguchi probably won't want to watch this one, but a lot of people will because they've never seen such a horrible shooutout attempt (I know I haven't). And thanks to the Internet, this video will be out there forever.

FOX Sports video via. H/T Last Angry Fan.
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