Pelotas forward Walter Guglielmone gets red card for shoving teammate in face (Video)

In a Campeonato Gaucho soccer league match from Brazil, Pelotas forward Walter Guglielmone (a.k.a. Gully) was given a red card for shoving a player in the face twice. That kind of behavior is clearly inappropriate, but to make matters worse, the player that Gully shoved was one of his own teammates.

It happened during a brief stoppage in the action as Pelotas opponent Caixas was setting up for a corner kick. Gully got into a heated argument with teammate Douglas Silva and shoved him in the face. After other teammates separated them, they continued to argue and came face to face again, at which point Gully shoved him again. The referee then pulled Gully away from his teammates and gave him a red card.

In the end, Caixas won the match 2-1, and things must have been pretty awkward in the Pelotas locker room after the game.

H/T Dirty Tackle.
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