Albert Pujols loses track of outs during spring training game (Video)

Los Angeles Angels superstar Albert Pujols lost track of the number of outs during Saturday's MLB spring training game against the Chicago Cubs.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Cubs infielder Ian Stewart hit a grounder to Pujols at first base. Pujols stepped on first base to record the out and proceeded to jog off the field thinking the inning was over. In reality, the putout was only the second out of the inning, and someone finally got Pujols' attention when he was near the pitchers mound to alert him of that fact. Pujols was naturally embarrassed and lots of laughter ensued from his teammates, the fans and Pujols himself.

Everyone can laugh about it because it's spring training and the games don't count. Just goes to show that even a superstar like Albert Pujols needs spring training to get back into the swing of things.

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