Metta World Peace makes dumbest inbounds pass ever, nearly costs Lakers game (Video)

In New Orleans, Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace made what could possibly be the dumbest inbounds pass ever at the end of Monday night's NBA game against the New Orleans Hornets, nearly costing them the game.

The Lakers had a 93-91 lead over the Hornets with 1.2 seconds left, and Peace was given the task of inbounding the ball from half court. For some inexplicable reason, instead of passing to one of his teammates in the frontcourt and allowing the clock to run out, Peace passed the ball back towards his own basket. Not only was it a terrible pass, but Lakers forward Matt Barnes naturally wasn't expecting the ball to be passed to him. Hornets center Aaron Grady had a chance to steal the ball and would have been able to make an easy layup just feet from the basket and send the game into overtime. Luckily, Barnes was able to react quickly to grab the ball and avoid a near disaster for the Lakers.

ESPN2 video via. H/T Outside the Boxscore.
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