Rangers fan misspells Texas on sign (Photo)

A Texas Rangers fan brought a sign to Monday's game to show appreciation for Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, who retired earlier in the day, but somehow managed to misspell the name of their home state.

Naturally, the sign was shown on television: "Teexas Loves Pudge".

Texas Rangers fan misspells Texas as "Teexas"

Obviously this Rangers fan forgot to run a spellcheck on the sign. The state flag is all over the sign, so the fan would appear to be from Texas. How do you misspell the name of your home state? That is really, really, really sad - almost worthy of being ejected from the stadium.

UPDATE: One of our readers has informed us that the misspelling was likely intentional, as "...Texans, when saying the word will sometimes emphasize it. Aka draw the letter E, out. This pronunciation has been made more famous by Mike Rhyner of the Hardline on 1310 the Ticket sports radio."

OK, fair enough. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite come across that way in the sign. By spelling Texas with two 'E's, it ends up looking like it could be pronounced with the long E sound, like in "teeth", which doesn't sound like the intent here. Maybe the sign needed more 'E's in it. For example, if it was spelled like "TEEEEEEEXAS", at least it would be obvious that the extra 'E's were there for a reason and not a spelling mistake.

UPDATE 4/25/12: A couple of other commenters have written in to say that there may be a more negative connotation to the misspelling. We won't get into specifics here, except to say that Holdout Sports does not support any of that, and we would hope that the Rangers would eject the fan from the stadium if there was any inappropriate meaning behind that sign.

Photo via Reddit.
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