Don Cherry calls metric system 'commie stuff' (Video)

Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry referred to the metric system as "commie stuff" during his postgame comments after the New Jersey Devils defeated the Los Angeles Kings in Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday night.

Fellow commentator Ron MacLean asked Cherry if he thought that 120,000 kilometers of traveling over the course of the season was catching up with the Kings, implying that it might be the reason they can't put away the Devils. Cherry replied "How many is that in real miles?" MacLean quickly converted that to 73,500 miles, at which point Cherry made the comment "Don't give me that commie stuff."

Obviously Cherry's comment was a bit over the top, and Ron MacLean's facial expression as he reacted to that remark spoke volumes:

Video via @jonkit. H/T Puck Daddy.
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