Minnesota football team takes break from practice to play paintball (Video)

The University of Minnesota football team took part in a fun team building exercise with a paintball outing in Lakeville last weekend, and they filmed some highlights for their fans.

The players seemed to enjoy it, and their natural competitive spirit came out as they genuinely wanted to win each battle.

We like the use of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" as background music in the video, and cameras attached to the masks of some of the players help to provide a first-person view of what the action was like. However, you never actually see any of the players get hit with paint, which would have been neat to see.

Another small comment: the video states that the outing took place on Sunday, August 11th. However, last Saturday was actually August 11th, while Sunday was August 12th. Someone might want to fix that on the video.

Video via GoldenGopherGridiron. H/T Dr. Saturday.
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