Fan at Astros game gets stuck in seats after diving for foul ball (Video)

A Houston Astros fan went tumbling into a row of seats and disappeared while trying to grab a foul ball during Monday night's game at Minute Maid Park, and to make matters worse, the fan was nowhere near where the ball ended up.

It happened in the sixth inning as Chicago White Sox batter Alexei Ramirez hit the foul line drive into the stands near left field. The Astros fan dove to his right, but then got himself tangled up in the seats, eventually falling onto the floor. It took a long time for the Astros fan to get back up, but meanwhile, a woman two rows in front of him picked the ball up off the floor with minimal effort.

In the end, however, the sad display by the Astros fan paid off, as the woman who came away with the ball felt so sorry for him that she gave him the ball. The woman had no obligation to give her baseball to the fan, so she deserves a lot of credit for being charitable.

Video via MLB.
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