Gary Payton defends Kobe Bryant's contract extension: 'Leave Kobe Alone!' (Video)

Retired NBA superstar Gary Payton used his "Glove Actually" segment on Wednesday night's episode of FOX Sports Live to defend Kobe Bryant's decision to accept a 2-year, $48.5 million contract extension.

Bryant has taken a lot of heat for the contract this week, with some arguing that there isn't enough money left under the salary cap for the Lakers to sign quality players to compete for another championship. However, Payton is firmly in Bryant's corner, and he defends Kobe by borrowing some inspiration from the classic Youtube video "Leave Britney Alone!"

Here is Payton taking the gloves off and creating a classic of his own with "Leave Kobe Alone!"

Video via FOX Sports Live. H/T TNLP.
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