Tim Tebow scores laughs with Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Tim Tebow saves puppies in T-Mobile commercial
Tim Tebow has not been able to get an NFL contract since being cut by the New England Patriots in the preseason. However, Tebow hasn't allowed the lack of an NFL contract from taking advantage of some opportunities and making some money this offseason, including getting paid for a T-Mobile commercial that will air during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII.

T-Mobile is promoting their no-contract cell phone plans with a humorous look at all the things that Tebow has done this offseason without a contract - or could have done. Of course, Tebow didn't really tackle Bigfoot, deliver a baby, walk on the moon or save puppies from a burning building. However, it's good to see that Tebow doesn't take himself too seriously.

Video via TMobile. H/T FTW.
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