Penguins game program misspells Sidney Crosby's name (Photo)

The editors of the Pittsburgh Penguins game program for Tuesday night's game against Winnipeg made an unbelievably embarrassing error by misspelling the name of their superstar center (and captain) Sidney Crosby.

Photo via Twitter/@Dejan_Kovacevic

Crosby's first name was spelled "Sindey" on the cover of the program, which had to be pulled off the arena stands once the mistake was caught.  Seriously, Crosby is one of the biggest stars of the NHL, so how the heck did no one catch this error?

Making matters worse, Tuesday also happened to be Sidney Crosby Bobblehead Night, so you would think extra care would be taken to spell his name correctly.  On the other hand, if you're a lucky Penguins fan who got to the game early enough, you came home with two collector's items instead of one.

H/T Puck Daddy.
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