Ref hits Manu Ginobili in face with ball (GIF)

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili was accidentally hit in the face while lining up for a foul shot by a ball tossed by a referee during Sunday night's game against Minnesota.

Ginobili was about to take his "and-1" after getting fouled on a driving layup, but needed an extra moment to ready himself as he got to the line. However, referee Leroy Richardson wasn't on the same page and bounced the ball over to Ginobili as he was crouching down, and the ball bounced right into his face.

Fortunately it was a light toss, so Ginobili wasn't hurt as much as he was surprised when the ball hit him. Ginobili jokingly retaliated by "calling a technical foul" on Richardson.

In the end, all was well with Ginobili and the Spurs as they blew out the Timberwolves for the 123-97 victory.

GIF via Vice Sports. H/T FTW.
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