MAC referee tells Central Michigan cheerleaders to quiet down (Video)

A MAC referee made a very unusual announcement during Tuesday night's Toledo-Central Michigan game when he stopped play to ask the CMU cheerleaders to quiet down.

It happened in the second half as Toledo was leading 21-17 and looking to score again with the ball on the 5-yard line on second and goal when the ref halted play.

The referee's announcement implied that some noise from the CMU cheerleaders or band might interrupt the snap and asked to have the 25-second clock reset. Very strange, since the video shows that the overall noise in the stadium wasn't anywhere near a deafening level. We've never seen a referee do anything like this, unless someone is doing something highly unusual like blowing a whistle.

Toledo ended up missing a field goal, so the CMU defense did come through despite the lack of cheers. However, Toledo came away with the 28-23 victory.

H/T Dr. Saturday.
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