Kid runs onto court, hugs Carmelo Anthony (Video)

Kid hugs Carmelo Anthony
A very strange moment occurred in the final minute of Monday night's New Orleans Pelicans game as a young boy ran onto the court to hug New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony.

Players were lining up in position for a Knicks inbounds play with 51.4 seconds left when the boy ran out from beneath the basket and right up to Anthony, who was obviously was not expecting it. Anthony gave the boy a little pat on the head.

What made it especially strange, and a bit concerning, was that there seemed to be no security around to stop the boy. Not only did he make it onto the court without anyone around, but there seemed to be no security making any effort to go after him once he was out there.

Fortunately, the boy ran off the court on his own and no harm was done, but the security team at Smoothie King Arena may want to review their security procedures. Otherwise, more people may be pulling this stunt, and it may not be as harmless the next time.

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