Luis Valbuena punched out on strike two vs Seattle (Video)

Luis Valbuena strike two

Houston Astros third baseman Luis Valbuena was accidentally punched out on strike two by home plate umpire Ryan Blakney during Sunday's game in Seattle.

It happened in the top of the fifth as Valbuena took the 2-1 pitch, thinking it was inside. Imagine Valbuena's surprise when not only did Blakney called it a strike, but made the emphatic punch-out call implying it was strike three.

Fortunately, Blakney corrected himself immediately, allowing Valbuena's at-bat to continue. Naturally, he couldn't help but shake his head and wonder why Blakney lost count of balls and strikes, considering that is the home plate umpire's most important job. In the end, Valbuena reached first on a walk.

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