Northwestern's Ashley Deary gives ball away while tying shoe (Video)

Ashley Deary gives up basket while tying shoe

Northwestern Wildcats senior guard Ashley Deary picked the worst possible time to tie her shoe during Thursday night's women's basketball game against Rutgers, and handed her opponents two points in the process.

It happened with under six minutes remaining in the first half. Deary took the inbounds pass and was going to cross half court when she saw that her shoe was untied. Since no one was defending her, Deary stopped dribbling and began tying her shoe in the middle of the play. Naturally, Rutgers seized upon the opportunity to grab the loose ball and score the free basket.

Maybe not the best time to tie your shoe... #SCNotTop10

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Deary might have thought that the referee would blow the whistle to stop play while she tied her shoe, as typically happens in youth basketball. This was clearly not the case, and will serve as a lesson that Deary will not soon forget.

It came as no surprise that this lowlight made ESPN SportsCenter's Not Top 10 list. Fortunately, the play didn't make the difference in the game as Northwestern went on to beat Rutgers 60-38.

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