Steve Carrell stars in classic 'Hockey Perfectionist' comedy sketch (Video)

Steve Carrell plays goalie in Hockey Perfectionist sketch on The Dana Carvey Show

With the NHL season right around the corner, we get ourselves in the mood by revisiting the most hilarious hockey sketch of all time (at least in our opinion):

"Hockey Perfectionist", from the short-lived The Dana Carvey Show.

Originally aired on ABC in March 1996, the sketch stars Steve Carrell, who has certainly made quite a name for himself since then.  Carrell stars as a hockey player who arrives at the rink before everyone else to get some extra practice. 

There's just one problem. He's a goalie. That begs the question: How does a hockey goaltender practice stopping shots if no one else is around?

The way Carrell answers this question is absolute comedy gold, and makes this one of the most underrated sports comedy sketches of all time.

Interesting fact: According to IMDB, Carrell was a hockey goalie in his childhood. That background certainly came in handy here.

That's right, kids, hockey is back.
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