Ligue 1 referee Tony Chapron kicks Diego Carlos and tosses him after accidental trip (Video)

A mind-boggling scene took place during Sunday's Ligue 1 soccer match between Nantes and PSG, with referee Tony Chapron right in the center of it.

It happened during injury time in the second half. Chapron was accidentally tripped from behind as he seemed to run right into the path of Nantes defender Diego Carlos as he was running towards the ball. Shockingly, Chapron seemed to take it personally, as he kicked Carlos in the shin, then gave him a yellow card. As it was the second yellow card of the match for Carlos, that meant his night was over.

Not sure what Chapron was thinking, but he clearly lost his head, and it looks like there will be some repercussions. Chapron has been suspended pending a hearing before the league disciplinary committee. He was scheduled to be head referee for this week's match between Angers and Troyes but has since been replaced.

It's never a good thing when the referee becomes the center of a controversy, but the fact that Chapron actually kicked a player makes this look so much worse.

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