Blake Griffin gets T'd up for tossing ball at Dennis Schroeder's head (Video)

Detroit Pistons power forward Blake Griffin received a technical foul for hitting Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schroeder in the head with the basketball during Sunday's game at Philips Arena.

It happened with 1:50 remaining in the second quarter as Griffin was called for a personal foul while trying to grab an offensive rebound. Referee Michael Smith asked Griffin to toss him the ball as Schroeder was between them, with his back to Griffin as he walked back to the other end of the court. Griffin tossed the ball with one hand in Smith's general direction, but hit Smith in the back of the head. Griffin immediately apologized, but Smith didn't buy it and T'd him up.

Looking closely at the video, it's debatable whether Griffin intentionally tossed the ball at Schroeder and played it off as an accident. If so, that's not cool, Blake.
Not cool.

Schroeder got the last laugh, however, as he scored 23 points to help the Hawks beat the Pistons 118-115.

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