Jamie Foxx abruptly ends SportsCenter interview after Katie Holmes question (Video)

Jamie Foxx ends interview after Katie Holmes question

Do not ask Jamie Foxx questions about Katie Holmes.

This is a lesson that ESPN SportsCenter host Michael Smith had to learn the hard way during a live interview prior to Friday night's NBA Celebrity All-Star Game at the Staples Center. Smith was trying to make a playful reference to some photos uncovered by Entertainment Tonight this week showing Foxx and Holmes together on Valentine's Day, with Foxx carrying a basketball.

Foxx and Holmes have kept their relationship under the radar, and although they may be a bit more open about it these days, Foxx would prefer to keep it that way based on his reaction when Smith asked him about the photos.

Foxx didn't wait for Smith to finish asking his question before walking out of the interview without saying a word. As if things weren't awkward enough, Smith couldn't see Foxx from the studio and reacted as though Foxx's lack of an answer was due to a technical issue.

Of course, Smith now realizes that Foxx did not like the question about Holmes:

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