Mariners fan falls over wall, fails to grab foul ball (Video)

A Seattle Mariners fan in the front row at AT&T Park went all out to grab a foul ball late in Wednesday's game in San Francisco.

It happened in the eighth inning as Mariners batter Mike Marjama hit a deep line drive into foul territory near right field. The fan in the Ken Griffey Jr. jersey gave his best effort as he reached out for it, but the ball was just out of his grasp. To make matters worse, the fan lost his balance and couldn't stop himself from falling onto the field.

The fan quickly pulled himself back into the stands, and nearby fans congratulated him as if he had made a great play. However, most stadiums have strict rules that forbid fans from going onto the field under any circumstances. We would be curious to hear whether the fan was ejected from the stadium, or at least forced to move his seat further away from the field.

As far as the game went, the Giants beat the Mariners 10-1.

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