What Every Fan Should Know Before Attending a Sporting Event

If you are an avid fan of the home team, you probably don’t need any advice on the dos and don’ts of attending sporting events. After all, you are there at every home game because you have season tickets, right? However, for those fans who want to attend a sporting event, maybe for the first time ever, there are some basic tips you might want to keep in mind before setting out to buy your tickets. Some of this is just plain common sense, but when our favorite event is in town, common sense flies out the window quite quickly.

Observing the First Come – First Serve Rule

One of the hardest things for ‘occasional’ spectators to deal with is that popular sporting events sell out fast. If you wait until the last minute to buy tickets, you may be out of luck! If you are going alone or with one other person, you may find two seats together, and at best, they may be somewhere so far up in the bleachers that you’ll need stadium binoculars to see the action. The best advice here is to pay attention to upcoming events and get your tickets as far in advance as possible, especially if you have several people in your group who would like to sit together.

Sporting Events Other than the Big 3

Speaking of stadium binoculars, there are other popular sports other than the Big 3. Baseball, football, and basketball may draw the largest crowds but there are other spectator sports as well! Hockey, soccer, tennis, and golf are also big on the list and sometimes you’ll need to see beyond what you can see with the naked eye. Then there are spectator hunting events! Did you know that the NKC, National Kennel Club, sponsors dog hunts in weight categories and by animal?  To be a part of all the action, you might need special hunting binoculars, so check this out.  If it’s a night event, be cognizant that the type of lens you choose really matters!

What You Can Bring to the Event

Even though the cost of sporting event tickets has gone through the roof, you must understand that the arena/stadium wants to make money as well. Much of the cost of tickets goes to the league, although the stadium may get its fair share. This is why they have concession stands to sell beer, soft drinks and some kinds of snacks and food. Many stadiums won’t allow you to bring your own food and beverages in with you, so make sure to keep some extra cash on hand. It can get very, very hot sitting out in the midday sun for a baseball or football game, and you’ll surely want an ice-cold Coke!

As mentioned above, much of this is just common sense, but for the first-time spectator, it may be unimaginable that you can’t bring a bag of popcorn for the kids. Why would they want you to bring a 99-cent bag of popcorn when they can sell you a box for $6? It may sound crazy, but that’s about what you’d pay. For example, when attending a game at the World Series Champs of 2017, the Houston Astros, you would pay $19.50 for two ice cold beers and 2 hot dogs! Even so, don’t let that dissuade you from making it out to your favorite event. You might need to spend a little more than you had planned but the thrill is well worth every penny!

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