Francesco Lindor struggles getting donut off his bat (Video)

Francesco Lindor struggles with donut on his bat

Cleveland Indians shortstop Francesco Lindor had some trouble prior to his sixth inning plate appearance during Sunday's game in Minnesota when he couldn't get the donut off his bat.

Lindor must have felt a bit silly as he tried several times to bang his bat on the dirt, but the donut stayed locked in place on his bat.

After going back to the dugout and trying to bang the bat on a wooden step, Lindor was able to use a railing to jar the donut loose and it finally slid off. Lindor couldn't help but laugh as he finally made his way to the plate.

Lindor was able to draw a walk in his at-bat and scored on Edwin Encarnacion's 3-run homer. Unfortunately, the Indians lost to the Twins 7-5.

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