Which Positions Deserve the Most of Your Daily Fantasy Football Budget?

"Odell Beckham Jr." by Erik Drost (CC BY 2.0)
Daily fantasy football can be one of the most challenging forms of fantasy sports betting to master, as NFL teams try so hard to catch their opponents off guard that they can send the ball to the most unexpected targets. But with that in mind, each position has a different value for daily fantasy football bettors. Which of those positions, though, deserves the highest distribution of your salary cap?

Running Backs vs. Wide Receivers

Wide receivers tend to be the first choice of most players, as a receiver that gets a ton of targets can be more valuable than a running back depending on how far down the field those targets come. With a long passing play statistically more likely to produce chunk yardage than a rushing attempt, the advantage of taking a wide receiver can be pretty clear. A player like T.Y. Hilton only needs one connection with his quarterback to secure a long touchdown catch, something he gets on a regular basis.

When it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports betting in US, Hilton has been undervalued due to his team's lack of a decent quarterback once Andrew Luck went down with an injury. As is always the case in daily fantasy football betting, the best strategy isn't to lock into one position group as your top priority. Finding which players have value in a given week due to the factors of each individual game is the only way to have success on the virtual gridiron. Evaluating matchups, weather conditions, and defensive matchups are just a few ways you can gain an edge over the competition.

Who Should You Back?

Running backs and wide receivers tend to be the most sought after positions in daily fantasy football, and understandably so. These tend to be the players that get the most touches of the ball, rack up the most yards, and score the most touchdowns for their teams. It is the consensus that it would be smart to put the bulk of your salary cap into those two position groups. But which of the two are most deserving to take up the largest chunk of your cap?

On one hand, running backs do not get the scoring boost from points per receptions that wide receivers get. That is a huge detriment when evaluating running backs against wide receivers at similar price points. But depending on the running back you choose, you can overcome that problem rather easily. Taking running backs that get a large number of touches per game guarantees that you have a chance to earn points on more occasions than overpaying for wide receivers, who rarely make ten or more catches in a game.

This impact is amplified if the running back you choose has the ability to catch passes out of the backfield. A great example of this is Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints, who took daily fantasy football betting by storm with his combination of explosive running and even more explosive pass catching. When compared to a running back at the same salary cap number, Kamara was a steal and far more valuable than most wide receivers.

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