Patrick Reed sends away camera crew for 'rattling change' distraction (Video)

Golfer Patrick Reed and his caddy became upset with a camera crew during Thursday's first round of the Porsche European Open.

Reed was lining up for his third shot on the 10th hole when his caddy began pointing at a member of the camera crew standing near them. When Reed stepped away from the ball, the caddy called out the man for rattling change in his pocket.

Reed became so irritated that he told the crew that they had to walk far away from him, refusing to take his next shot until they did so.
"I'm not hitting until y'all get the heck out of here...Ridiculous."

We don't have video footage which captures the noise, so we can't say how egregious it was, but golfers have a right to take their shot without being distracted by unnecessary noise.

Reed finished his first round at 2 under par, tied for 27th overall and 4 shots behind the leader.

[Golf Channel]
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