5 Reasons to be Excited for the 2018-19 NBA Season

The NBA season is approaching quickly, with just 2 months before we see the first tip off to begin the 2018-19 season. If you’re like us, you are already excited about the new season, but we have yet a few more reasons to get you pumped up and ready come game time.

Despite the Golden State Warriors being overwhelming favorites to win the NBA Finals (again), their are a few other teams that will be looking to play the underdog role and steal the league championship.  One of those sleeper teams is the Raptors, with 188Bet, one of the leaders in the sports betting world, giving Toronto about a 20/1 outside chance to win it all.

Aside from watching our favorite teams back in action, here are just 5 reasons to get excited for the upcoming season.

King James and The Movers

LeBron signing with the Lakers was clearly the biggest move of the offseason, and all eyes will be on King James to see whether he can continue to perform at a high level once again, now that he is surrounded by a new supporting cast. Other player moves adding excitement to the upcoming season are Rajon Rondo joining James in L.A. and the Spurs trading Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors.  Of course, DeMarcus Cousins signed that 1-year contract with Golden State, which could be a great move for his career.


This year’s rookie class looks very exciting with players such as Luka Doncic (Dallas), Deandre Ayton (Phoenix) and Marvin Bagley (Sacramento). These young players hope to match the likes of Ben Simmons, who blew the league away in his rookie year last season.

New Lineup

The past four years has seen the Cleveland Cavaliers reach the NBA Finals, something which surely won’t happen now that James has left his boyhood team. Looking to fill that void in the Eastern Conference is the Boston Celtics, who will likely be facing Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors in the finals. There are also arguments to be made for the Rockets, who nearly beat the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last season, as well as the 76ers, who will be looking to take the next step forward in "The Process".

New Rivalries

One of the most exciting rivalries we are looking forward to see is the return of Celtics vs. Lakers, with the added allure of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James clashing and potentially reigniting their feud. The Celtics could be fighting on two fronts this season as the 76ers will also look to bring back the classic Eastern rivalry, the like of which we haven’t seen since Bird and Dr. J went at it in the 1980s.


After Golden State signed DeMarcus Cousins, there was a general consensus that the league wouldn’t be worth watching as the Warriors have wrapped it up again.  However, based on the moves that we have seen, along with the draft picks and the readjustment of some franchises, we think there will likely be a few surprises this season, and the Warriors may not be the lock to win another NBA championship that everyone believes.

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming NBA season? Let us know in the comments.
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