Umpire has live moth removed from ear during Yankees-White Sox game (Video)

An umpire had a live moth removed from his ear during the late stages of Wednesday night's White Sox game in Chicago.

It happened in the middle of the ninth inning as second base umpire Bruce Dreckman jogged towards the dugout of the visiting New York Yankees to call for a trainer to look at his ear. As Dreckman was being examined by Yankees trainer Steve Donohue, the game resumed with only three umpires.

With Donohue's help, Dreckman was able to pull the moth out of his ear. The moth's wings were still flapping, and given the size of it, it becomes clear why Dreckman was so uncomfortable.

It's amazing that an insect has so much open space to fly around in and somehow gets itself stuck in someone's ear. Just incredible.

Dreckman was back out on the field after missing only four pitches. The Yankees won the game 7-3.

[Fox News]
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