Juan Soto ejected for arguing balls and strikes...before his at-bat (Video)

Washington Nationals teen rookie phenom Juan Soto was ejected from Wednesday night's game against Atlanta for arguing balls and strikes with the home plate umpire...before his at-bat.

Soto struck out looking in the fourth inning. As he came up to the plate again in the sixth, Soto apparently complained to umpire Greg Gibson about the called third strike in that prior at-bat, saying it was low. Gibson asked Soto to repeat what he said, and once Soto did, Gibson tossed him.

It was the first ejection of Soto's major league career. Nationals hitting coach Kevin Long was also ejected.

From our standpoint, this seems a bit unfair to Gibson. It didn't appear that Soto was trying to show up Gibson, so Gibson could have simply gave Soto a warning. Seems unreasonable on Gibson's part, especially since fans are paying to see Soto, not Gibson.

The Nationals lost to the Braves 8-3.

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