Blue Jays fan catches two home run balls in same inning (Video)

Blue Jays fan catches two home runs

A lucky Toronto Blue Jays fan caught two home run balls during Thursday night's game against Boston. As if that weren't amazing enough, he caught the home runs in the same inning.

In the top of the fifth inning, Red Sox batter J.D. Martinez hit a home run to left field, where the fan in the front row stood up and caught it with his glove.

Catching one home run ball would make anybody's night. However, in the bottom half of the fifth, Blue Jays batter Randal Grichuk hit a homer to left. The same fan made a more impressive catch as he reached over the railing to snag it.

The odds of catching two home run balls in the same game are unbelievable enough, but catching them in the same inning makes this feat even more incredible.

So what does a fan do after catching two home runs? Well, naturally, he has to celebrate his accomplishment with some pictures.

As far as the game, the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 8-5, so we know this fan went home extremely happy.

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