Choosing the right golf cart battery

Golf is among the sporting activities that one can engage in just for fun during his or her free time or for competition purposes. As we know, it is always played in a large piece of land that will require you to travel from one point to another from time to time. This is why the cart was introduced.

Compared to the past where people used to rent them, nowadays most golfers prefer buying their own carts as their cost has also become reasonable and they are quite easy to maintain. Speaking of maintenance, the first thing you might want to be keen on is the battery. With that being said, let’s see how you can pick the right one for your golf cart. You can also have a look at the batterymanguide.

Battery models

Of course you will always find a lot of golf cart batteries available in different types when you go out looking for one.

Don’t just buy any battery just because it is for a golf cart. You need to know and fully understand the different types and models of these batteries as they come different manufacturers and also due to the difference in voltage specifications.

Understanding the models will help you to determine the correct type of battery that will fit your cart properly.

User manual

Surely you are dealing with golf cart professionals for your battery issue, right? For that, they must be having a golf cart user manual which you can then use to see which battery specifications match up with your cart.

It is always important to always keep in mind the specifications and the dimensions of your cart battery to avoid picking up the wrong thing whenever you go out shopping for it.

Reading through the manual is important as it can remind you about the information you had already forgotten about your cart battery, thus assisting you in picking the correct battery for your golf cart.

The quality of the battery

From different manufacturers, you will always get batteries of different qualities too. This is why it is always advised that you be keen when it comes to the brands.

Some batteries are often made specifically to withstand hot environments and others are made for the cold climate. You don’t want to confuse yourself and buy the right battery but with wrong specifications.

You might also look at the price difference for different brands. This will however, depend on your budget.

Know your cart

Simple as this might sound, it is always important to know your golf cart inside and out. Knowing your cart will help you to determine the type of battery you should purchase for your cart easily.

If you are using a heavy golf cart, then you should be looking for a heavy duty or more powerful battery, which will also come at a relatively higher price.

This will enable you to make your plans earlier and give you time to look for a good product within your budget range. This is among the simple tips to help determine the right battery for your golf cart.


The last thing you want is to buy a battery and have it malfunction the moment you try it out. This is why you should always look to buy batteries that come with a warranty from the manufacturers.

Doing so will help you in case your battery has a defect causing it to malfunction. With a warranty, you won’t have to pay for anything when you take back the battery.

It will be replaced for you as long as your warranty period has not yet expired. However, you will also find other dealers offering the warranty separately but at some small fee.


There are a lot of other things that you can look at before you decide on what you want to buy. But with the tips above, you can still be able to come up with choices while shopping for your golf cart’s battery.

To get the maximum out of your battery, you will also need to be practicing good maintenance on it. Otherwise, you will just be replacing batteries after short periods of time.

If you are not sure, you can always make an appointment with a professional dealership and let your questions be answered. Click here to see more on how you can pick a good battery for your golf cart.

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