The History of Soles: NFL Players and their Sneakers

The following is a guest post by Fotini (Tia) Polihros.

Over the years, NFL players have launched signature sneakers not only to showcase their athleticism and originality, but also to excite their fans.

Here are a few memorable picks that were released from 1985 to 2018:

1985 Payton KangaRoos

Chicago Bears Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton debuted his training sneaker called KangaRoos in 1985. Endorsed by Payton himself, these sneakers are simple in design and feature Velcro stash pockets. Payton even partnered with Kangaroos to promote limited edition versions of this classic sneaker through Finish Line.

1994 Nike Air Diamond Turf

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders soared in his Nike Air Diamond Turf. A bold and classic move, Sanders’ line ran until 1998 and featured five versions of the Diamond Turf, each an improvement of the last. This trainer sneaker is all about security and cushioning for swift versatile movement on the field or the streets.

2003 Nike Zoom Vick

Mike Vick’s Nike Zoom Vick ran from 2003 to 2006 and honored the colors of the Atlanta Falcons. The Zoom Vick included his signature slogan of “Be Unexpected” on the inside ankle strap. The design echoes durability and comfort.

2012 Nike Zoom Revis

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis launched his Nike Zoom Revis. A great shoe planned for trainers with a signature strap and recognizable traction built to honor his city. For retail, every few weeks a new colorway was launched, making it a memorable collectible for players and fans.

2017 UA C1N

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton created his UA C1N, manufactured by Under Armour, to express his performance and style. Emphasis is placed on its lightweight design and superb traction. Unique versions and colors are still available through Under Armour.

Nike, Adidas, and Reebok remain popular sports footwear today. They are available from a variety of online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Poshmark. For a great find in price and service, look to athletes’ reviews about these models posted on RunRepeat.
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