Bill Walton bites into cupcake with lit candle (Video)

Bill Walton bites into cupcake with lit candle

ESPN broadcaster (and Pro Basketball Hall of Famer) Bill Walton surprised broadcast partner Dave Pasch (and viewers at home) by taking a bite of a cupcake with a lit candle on top during Saturday's NCAA men's basketball game between Washington and Arizona State.

During a break in the action on the court, Walton and Pasch were given cupcakes with candles on top to celebrate the birthday of one of their behind-the-scenes crew members. While Walton was singing "Happy Birthday", Pasch challenged Walton to take a bite out of his cupcake while the candle was still lit. Pasch was kidding, but Walton didn't hesitate and went for it.

Naturally, Pasch couldn't contain his laughter, but he wasn't that surprised. Pasch has been Walton's partner for several seasons now covering Pac-12 basketball games, and he is used to Walton's borderline insanity, so it was just another day at the office.

As far as the game went, Arizona State beat Washington 75-63.

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