Daniel Suarez, Michael McDowell brawl after qualifying for NASCAR at Phoenix

Daniel Suarez, Michael McDowell brawl in Phoenix

NASCAR drivers Daniel Suarez and Michael McDowell got into a heated brawl on pit row after their laps in Friday's qualifying round of competition at ISM Raceway in Phoenix.

On the track, Suarez and McDowell couldn't stay out of each other's way, leading to disappointing results. McDowell finished 27th in the qualifier, with Suarez in 28th.

Suarez felt McDowell showed a "lack of respect" for not getting out of his way during his second lap, while McDowell felt that Suarez was trying to wreck him and didn't appreciate it. After the race, Suarez walked over to McDowell to have a conversation, and McDowell went right for Suarez's throat. The racers grappled and Suarez threw McDowell to the ground, then McDowell's crew chief intervened, pinning Suarez to McDowell's car in an attempt to calm things down.

Suarez and McDowell finally calmed down enough to get everything out of their systems. We'll see if any sore feelings boil over during Sunday's NASCAR Cup Series race.

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