LeBron James appears in Shaqtin' a Fool 3 times this week

LeBron James

Each Shaqtin' a Fool episode picks the best four "highlights" of the week, but this week's episode features LeBron James in three of them.

In one clip, James was being pushed into position by L.A. Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma. Isn't James supposed to be the leader of this team?

In another clip, James lets the inbounds pass roll across half court...and keep rolling...until it gets to the 3-point line. Then James tries to pick it up, but he fumbles it and it goes out of bounds. Really surprising sloppiness.

In the third clip, James tries an overhand inbounds pass to a teammate, but it bounces off the back of the backboard and out of bounds. Really unbelievable, and really sad.

Watching this poor play from James, you have to wonder how the Lakers would be able to get back into playoff position between now and the end of the NBA regular season.

[NBA on TNT]
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