SNL Classic: John Belushi trains for decathlon with 'Little Chocolate Donuts'

John Belushi - Little Chocolate Donuts

When it comes to Saturday Night Live and sports-themed sketches, it's hard to forget John Belushi as a decathlon champion who trains with "Little Chocolate Donuts".

"Little Chocolate Donuts" aired during SNL's third season in 1977. Belushi was one of the superstars of the original cast and did not exactly fit the role of a superstar athlete. However, Belushi was a perfect fit for the role of someone who would train for the Olympics by downing a pack of donuts for breakfast each day and smoking cigarettes.

Legendary broadcaster Marv Albert provides the narration as Belushi wins the gold medal and crosses the finish line to set a new world record. The Olympic scenes are clearly filmed on a low budget in an empty park somewhere, but that just adds to the absurdity that makes it all work.

All these years later, John Belushi and "Little Chocolate Donuts" are still very funny.

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