Collin McHugh channels 'The Matrix', avoids line drive

Collin McHugh channels The Matrix to avoid line drive

Houston Astros starter Collin McHugh pulled a move straight out of "The Matrix" to avoid a line drive during Tuesday's game against Oakland.

It happened in the bottom of the second with no outs and an runner on first. A's batter Kendrys Morales hit a live drive straight up the middle, and McHugh threw himself backwards to avoid the ball. The ball somehow passed in between McHugh's chin, chest, and bare hand as the Astros infield turned the double play.

The home plate umpire immediately referenced "The Matrix" as he went to check on McHugh after the play. How did the ball miss him? McHugh is very lucky.

McHugh pitched six innings and only gave up two hits as he earned the win. The Astros beat the A's 9-1.

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