Three of the Worst Super Bowls in History

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the American sporting calendar and attracts millions of fans around the world; some of which aren’t even interested in the NFL for the regular season but are seasoned viewers of the showpiece event of the year.

That is the joy of the Super Bowl; it can attract a broader audience to the sport and attract more fans to follow the sport. However, sometimes the event fails to live up to the hype and leaves even the most seasoned of NFL fans close to bored. Here is a selection of the worst Super Bowls in history.

Super Bowl LII

The anticipation was high for the matchup between the New England Patriots and LA Rams after a high scoring season, when the offense was very much the order of the day. However, the combination of Bill Belichick’s defensive game plan, the Rams' inability to score a single touchdown, and a lackluster halftime show didn't give casual fans much to be interested about. The Patriots 13-3 win was the lowest scoring game in the history of the Super Bowl, and it didn't help that the majority of neutral fans rooted for the Rams to dethrone Tom Brady and company.

It could be argued that the game plan by Belichick was a fantastic coaching display in its own right; something that Patriots fans are always quick to allude to. The fact that the game was still up for grabs in the final ten minutes means that it can’t be ranked worse than some blowouts seen in prior years, and the Rams came very close to changing the course of history if Brandin Cooks could have held onto that touchdown pass.

Super Bowl XXXV

The first Super Bowl of the millennium was a star-studded affair and featured Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Aerosmith in the halftime show. However, the action on the pitch was a mismatch. Few punters were brave enough to support the New York Giants in the Super Bowl betting markets as they faced a defensive juggernaut in the form of the Baltimore Ravens. It was indeed a masterclass on how to control a game by the Ravens, but for a neutral and a casual fan, the game was never competitive.

That Ravens defense has deservedly gone down as one of the best of all time, and their ability to allow Kerry Collins only 112 yards was remarkable. But as good as the Ravens were, the Giants didn’t turn up, and that disappointed everybody who was hoping for a spectacle. The game also claims to have possibly the worst Super Bowl winning quarterback in Trent Dilfer.

Super Bowl XXVII

This Super Bowl saw the Dallas Cowboys pound the Buffalo Bills into submission by hammering them 52-17. It was a nightmare for anybody that wasn’t a Cowboys fan, as the game was effectively over at halftime with Dallas up 28-10, and Buffalo turned the ball over nine times.

It could be argued that their rematch the following year was a much more timid affair, but due to the closer score, it ensured interest in the game until a later stage. Furthermore, despite the picturesque setting in Pasadena, it was a nightmare for American football fans since the main talking point after the game revolved around the incredible halftime show performance from Michael Jackson. If the music overshadows the action on the field, then you know the game wasn’t a classic.

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