Brewers, Cubs startled by military flyover at Miller Park

Joe Maddon startled by Flyover vs Brewers 7/28/2019

Sunday's MLB game at Miller Park between the Milwaukee Brewers and visiting Chicago Cubs was paused briefly when an unannounced US military flyover took everyone by surprise.

It happened in the top of the eighth with Brewers pitcher Jay Jackson on the mound pitching to Cubs batter Ian Happ. Happ had just fouled off a pitch to make the count 2-2. As the ball was thrown back to Jackson, the sound of the first plane startled everyone, fans and players alike. Jackson stepped off the mound to catch his breath, and as another military plane zoomed overhead, the home plate umpire made the sign of the cross.
The power of those planes made us jump just watching the video at home. We can only imagine what it sounded like inside Miller Park.

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