Andre-Pierre Gignac breakaway interrupted by cat running onto field

Cat runs onto field Real Salt Lake vs Tigres UANL 7/24/2019

A breakaway opportunity for Tigres UANL forward Andre-Pierre Gignac was interrupted by a cat that ran onto the field and nearly "stole" the ball during Wednesday's Leagues Cup match against Real Salt Lake.

It happened in the 92nd minute as Tigres held a 1-0 lead. Tigres forward Andre-Pierre Gignac was catching up to a perfect lead pass along the sideline with no one between him and the goal, or so it seemed.

Out of nowhere, the feline pitch invader darted onto the field right in front of the ball just as Gignac caught up with it. Then, as Gignac changed direction to head towards the goal, the cat continued its sprint and ran across the goalmouth, likely causing enough of a distraction to throw off Gignac's concentration and make him send his shot wide of the net.

The cat seemed to be running in all different directions, so it's difficult to see what it was chasing after.

Ironically, Real Salt Lake was playing with only 10 men, so it could be said that the cat did an amazing job of filling in. In the end, however, Tigres UANL still came away with the 1-0 victory.

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