Young Astros fan throws Alex Bregman HR ball back

Young Houston Astros fan throws Alex Bregman home run ball back vs Angels 7/18/2019

A young Houston Astros fan threw an Alex Bregman home run ball back towards the field to the dismay of his father during Thursday's road game against the Los Angeles Angels.

It happened in the top of the fifth as Bregman hit a 2-0 pitch off Angels pitcher Matt Harvey into the left field seats for a solo homer to extend the Astros lead to 6-0. An Astros fan happened to catch the ball as it bounced off a railing and gave it to his young son, who was wearing an Astros jersey. The Astros fan clearly didn't understand that he could keep the baseball as he instinctively threw it towards the field.  The camera captured the father's priceless reaction as he turned to his son and said "Why did you do that?"
Fortunately, the young fan was able to get the ball back shortly afterwards. The video shows a fan or usher handing the young fan the ball and having a long talk with him, likely explaining that he was allowed to keep the ball. Something tells us he won't do that again.

Bregman went 2-for-2 with that HR, and he also walked twice, scoring 3 runs in all, as the Astros beat the Angels 6-2.

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