Aristides Aquino foul ball scares Nationals fan into spilling beer

Aristides Aquino foul ball causes fan to spill beer 8/13/2019

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Aristides Aquino scared a Washington Nationals fan so much that they spilled their beer during Tuesday night's game at Nationals Park.

It happened in the top of the second as Aquino hit a 1-2 pitch directly into the netting behind the backstop. The fan in the third row saw the baseball speeding towards her and instinctively tried to get out of the way. She happened to be holding a beer at the time. The cup was full. Things did not end well.

At the end of the day, the fan ended up soaked and lost about half her beer. We know beers at baseball games can be expensive. At least she seemed to have a good laugh about it.

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