Jon Jay blocked from making catch by Tigers ballboy

Jon Jay blocked from making catch by Tigers ballboy 8/6/2019

Chicago White Sox right fielder Jon Jay was blocked from making a foul ball catch by a Detroit Tigers ballboy during Tuesday's second game of a doubleheader at Comerica Park.

It happened in the bottom of the sixth with one out and a runner on second as the Tigers held a 5-1 lead. Tigers batter Brandon Dixon hit a fly ball to right field that began to curve foul towards the stands. Jay looked like he had a good chance of catching the ball at the edge of the stands. However, the Tigers ballboy stationed at the spot in front of the railing seemed unsure of which way to go to get out of Jay's way. As a result, Jay couldn't get close enough to the railing, and his glove was blocked by the ballboy's face as he tried to reach out to grab it.
Coaches in the White Sox dugout appeared to check if there was enough of a case for interference, but they did not ask for a replay.

Fortunately, the play did not affect the outcome of the game. Dixon ended up striking out, and the Tigers beat the White Sox 10-6.

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