Manuel Margot's loses shoe, falls down going for triple

San Diego Padres center fielder Manuel Margot lost his shoe and fell down while going for a triple during Sunday's game against the Boston Red Sox.

It happened in the bottom of the fifth inning as Margot hit a line shot off the glove of Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers and down into the left field corner. Margot rounded second and was halfway to third when his left shoe suddenly came off, along with his shinguard, sending him stumbling to the ground as the throw came in from left field. Margot tried to change direction and head back to second, but he had no traction and couldn't get back up. Devers jogged over to put the tag on him as Margot was down for the count.
Fortunately, Margot was not seriously hurt and was able to play the outfield in the next inning...with a new pair of shoes.

Margot was credited with a double on the play, his second of the game, as he finished 2-for-3 as the Padres beat the Red Sox 3-1.


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